The Nightlife in Cork is Unique For Going Out

Nightlife in Cork is simply awesome, there is a reason why people come especially to Cork to go out! The people living in this city are from everywhere! From Northern Europe, South Europe, East Europe, West Europe, South America, Central America, North America, Australia, Oceania, Asia, Africa: every type of culture can be found in this wonderful city named Cork! The nightlife, a combination of pubs, bars and nightclubs complete the wonderful atmosphere that surrounds the city. The city centre is very cozy and all the bars and clubs are not far away from each other. During the nightlife of the city you don’t need a car if you want to go to a different bar or nightclub! This is not the case in Dublin, many nightclubs are far away from each other so going out is more tiring than in Cork. In Cork city centre It will take around 15 to 20 minutes to walk from one nightclub to the club that is the furthest away. There is also no zone where you find only clubs or bars, all bars pubs and nightclubs are mixed! Also nightclubs contain people from different ages! The nightlife is completely mixed, which is something you don’t see often in a city’s nightlife! When you go out in Cork, you see things you don’t see often in other cities!

Cork nightlife has nightclubs and bars

Photo owned by Havana Browns, one of the best nightclubs in Cork

Cork Nightlife Contains Pubs, Clubs and Bars

Many people in general go to a bar first before going to a nightclub. At the end of the night everyone goes to a club. In Cork there are many people who stay in bars till the very end of the night. Why? Well, not only because they want a quiet night without too much music or noise, but because many Cork bars and pubs transform into a club! Or to say this more specifically, a bar or pub becomes a place where people dance! There are no boring bars or pubs in Cork, the volume of the music can always increase and one can always dance! This means Cork people don’t have to go to a club to enjoy the nightlife, a pub can be enough! This is the reason why the locations of clubs and bars are all mixed together. There are also many food places where Cork people love to have a bite to eat after some (heavy) drinking in a Cork nightlife venue. Eating food after drinking is part of going out!

Why Going Out In Cork Nightlife Is The Best

Whether you go out at 20:00 or 00:00, you will always see people from various ages. Teenagers till people with the age above 45. Yes, all these people love to go out together! You can easily go out with your parents, theoretically speaking then! It’s super to meet people from different ages but that’s not all. A huge factor that defines Cork’s nightlife, a factor that makes the whole going out attempt more appealing and interesting, is the fact that there are so many people from different countries as described above. It really opens up your mind when hearing so many different stories from people in both pubs and clubs. If you live in Spain, and you are going to Cork, expect to hear your language somewhere when you go out! Whenever wherever you walk, you will hear different languages around you, like being an Erasmus student! So to celebrate such great aspects that define the Irish city of Cork, it’s mandatory to have a drink in one of the many pubs and nightclubs and cheering for the beauty of both the county and city Cork.

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