The Irish Pub Can Be Found in Cork

Cork is the second city with the most habitants after Dublin. This means the amount of pubs and clubs is pretty impressive! Does the term Irish Pub sounds familiar? Of course it does! Irish Pubs can be found all over the world, it’s rare to see such a  national type of bar that promotes a country in an impressive way. Because of the phenomenon Irish Pub, many people know Green is the Irish colour which is a common element every pub has relating to Ireland. Or what about the shamrock or a leprechaun’s pot of gold? Surely everyone has seen one in an Irish pub? It’s incredible how the worldwide nightlife stimulated the overal image of Ireland. Of course in Ireland you can find the traditional and original bars that many try to imitate worldwide. Cork being the second most popular city in Ireland, it’s more than safe to say one should experience such a bar, pub or an Irish club in Cork city.

Going out in Cork

Shamrocks in Irish pubs and clubs

Best Nightclubs in Cork

Leprechaun in Irish pubs and clubs

Why Drinking In An Cork Irish Pub

When you live in Cork, you are named a Corkean. Corkeans have something in common: a certain way of life that includes bars and pubs. There is a reason why tourists who visit the city Cork find the people living there friendy and helpful. Don’t get me wrong, in the whole of Ireland there are many friendly people, more friendly than what you normally see in other European countries. Even in the capital of Ireland Dublin, you find nice people, but there is a clear difference between the people living in Dublin and the people living in Cork! The people in Cork are more relaxed, more at ease, less stressed. That’s right, people with these types of elements in their behaviour and characteristics are fun to go out with! You will want to go out in Cork and drink a half a liter of a nice pint of Murphy’s Irish Stout in a nice pub. Murphy’s by the way is the Cork equivalent of Guinness, which is more popular in Dublin.

Cork Pubs Are The Best

When considering the fact, that the original version of Irish pubs beats all the “fake” ones abroad, and the fact that the people are simply awesome in Cork, it doesn’t become dificult to understand you have to check out the pubs and clubs in this city. Cork pubs are the best of Ireland, better than the ones in Galway, Limerick or Dublin. There are many pubs in Cork, small or big, for old and young. Many times the people are mixed, young goes out with old in Cork, and old goes out with young. In Ireland the best pubs and bars can be found in Cork nightlife, it’s as simple as that. Or what to say about the many pub crawls? when you are a tourist or you are new in Cork, try to participate in one of the Cork pub crawls, with this pub crawl you will get to know many going out places in Cork nightlife very fast!

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